What our clients say

At Hamdan Al Shamsi we like to take our clients direct opinions on their matter to ensure that we provide complete satisfaction at all times and to constantly improve our services.  Our Team & Business Development department is focused on providing a high standard of service, we want to ensure that we build strong long-lasting relationships; we take every comment and suggestion into consideration and ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our services.

Here are what some of our clients have to say about us and what makes us stand out from the crowd:

"By far, the finest lawyers for advisory and litigation in the United Arab Emirates"
Litigation client
"The senior partners' expertise and knowledge coupled with the support of the Litigation team is second to none, we were able to discuss 3 different strategies and implement the best option for our case, our case was resolved in a reasonable period of time and we could not be happier with the results"
Banking and Finance Client
"The DIFC team has been extremely supportive of our cause, headed by Roger Bowden, he is an exceptionally honest man who puts our best interests first.  Our cases are also supported by Junior Associate, Nandini and Paralegal Noran.  We know how the firm operates and the dedication that they put into their work, due to that we have used Hamdan Al Shamsi Lawyers for 5 years now and will continue to do so. The Senior Partner also keeps abreast of matters and provides valuable insight when required, the entire team are fantastic and we cannot fault them"
Representative of Al Kharafi Family
DIFC Department
"After speaking with Andrew Workman he was kind enough to offer a consultation without charge and was happy to meet with over the weekend, after speaking with Andrew I was able to receive some general guidance on Dubai Law, it made a great impact, I was in a better position and able to make a more informed decision"
General Family Matter
"On behalf of all of us, may we once again thank you very much for all your advice.  Your framework of the three different stances we could take is very useful in helping us resolve a difficult dilemma.  It has made it clear to us what we need to do in an active way, talking to you has really helped us to see the situation in Dubai more clearly. Thank you again and best wishes"
Letter of Thanks to Andrew Workman
Ex-pat enquiry
“We have been dealing with Hamdan Al Shamsi Lawyers for almost a year now, the DIFC team is very helpful and support us fully! The team come up with very good suggestions and advice and we are very happy with their work “
DIFC Litigation client
"The team are very good – they always take accountability for all of the work, I feel like they are my personal extension of my office, they work very hard and we are completely satisfied with their work”
DIFC Liquidation client
“When it all happened, I looked around Dubai for a Lawyer that could help me, I met with 5 and settled with Hamdan Al Shamsi because of his approach, style & authenticity, he comes across as a genuinely nice guy, with no ego and eager to help. Between the Paralegal team and Ms. Alia Alsheikh - my legal consultant, the support has been amazing, they helped me understand the case piece by piece, I have no experience in law and they made me understand in simple terms what the legal jargon meant, I felt that they had my best interests at heart throughout the whole case and after 2 years I am ecstatic that they have won my case”
Direct Quote from our client
Labor case for Unfair Dismissal – Headed by Alia Alsheikh & Hamdan Al Shamsi
Dear Mr. Omar, Thank you so much for your time and the fruitful information you shared with me. For my research, it was really a productive meeting, and I appreciate your assistance in this matter. Thanks again to you and Mr. Hamdan and I wish you more success and achievement.
Letter of thanks to Omar Kamel from PhD Dept of POLSIS FT Reem Alshamsi from Birmingham University UK
Hamdan Al Shamsi Law Firm Student support service research project on AML/CTF
I am very happy with the legal services provided. My lawyer is always easily accessible and usually responds fast to all queries. Very customer oriented with follow ups and surveys etc. Farah, Owner of Stamina 11, Kids Gym
Direct Quote from our client
HAS is a reliable and trustworthy legal firm that always looks out for the best interest of their partners. We do not see ourselves as customers, but partners above all. They go beyond to ensure their partners are making sound legal decisions to not only solve issues, but also to achieve growth on all fronts. Glomar
Direct Quote from our client
With reference to my experience working with your good office of Mr. Hamdan AL-Shamsi Lawyer and legal consultant I have noticed many great things such as their cooperation as well as follow ups with the cases, and the advice given that always leads the cases in the right direction. The staff are very kind, helpful, and cooperative. I would like to end this by thanking them for their services with their clients. Ali, AKAD construction LLC
Direct Quote from our client