Roger Bowden

Senior Associate

Roger Bowden is a lawyer of 24 years’ experience. He had a successful career as a barrister in the New Zealand District, High and Appeal Courts and is recorded by the High Court of New Zealand as a “very eloquent and competent counsel”. Roger has worked with the firm since 2014 and is an energetic member of the team who is always busy studying the law and searching for the best outcome for the firm’s clients. Roger believes that ultimately all cases are won and lost on the facts. Applying the law to those facts is simply a matter of finding the right page to look on. Roger specializes in contract law where he utilizes his background in many different branches of the law including equity and trust, tort law, administrative law and even criminal law to provide the best protection to the firm’s clients.

Roger Bowden
Contract Law
Construction Law


Admitted to the UAE bar, part 2 DIFC 2015


BA/ LLB Otago University, New Zealand.


SCL (Gulf), NZLS.
Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department.