Employment & Labor Law

Employment & Labor Law in the UAE

At Hamdan AlShamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants, our employment legal services focus on representing organizations in their most complex and important employment law cases.

Our legal employment services focus on taking preventive measures to minimize the risk of litigation while resolving matters cost-effectively through mediation and arbitration to the benefit of our clients.


Our employment and labor legal services

  • Partnerships and Severance Agreements
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Contracts of employment which includes Negotiations, Drafting, and Termination
  • Employee Compensation Plans
  • Drafting Organization Guidelines and Policies
  • Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Requirement
  • Applications for Reorganization or Reduction of Employees or Downsizing
  • And Much More


Employment relationships legal assistance

Our team of employment lawyers in Dubai has all the necessary skills and legal expertise to successfully handle all cases related to discrimination and labor laws. In addition to that, our legal experts will help you throughout different procedures starting from providing the necessary legal assistance related to employment relationships and employment contracts to helping you navigate and understand local and regional employment laws and human resources policies.

It doesn’t matter what your company or business is about, we have a team of lawyers who will be able to work hard and together with you to help give you the best solution to all your employment and labor law related problems and disputes.

If you need any help with Employment Law and Labor, just contact us by phone or use our form at the end of the page to send us a message. Our representatives will schedule a consultation and get in touch with you.

Specialized Legal Experts

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Ulyaa Al Helo
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Alia El Sheikh
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