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A Team of highly qualified professionals at your support

At HAS we pride ourselves on our teamwork and reliance on our support staff to work as part of the team, we work well as a team listening to each other and incorporating each other’s expertise wherever possible.  HAS places emphasis on the fact that we can all learn from one another, from successful cases to general knowledge; our team incorporates each other’s ideas creating successful results, satisfied customers and a unified Team.

We encourage all of our staff to enjoy a friendly, approachable, responsible working environment which encourages everyone to provide a helping hand to the other.  Our clients’ success inspires our own and we ensure that every member of our team is able to see the impact of their work in the success of the firm, resulting in strategic and high-quality legal services while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and excellence.

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Ahmed Abdelaleem | Hamdan AlShamsi
Ahmed Abdelaleem

Senior Court Clerk

Mohammed Atoof
Mohammed Atoof


Ibrahim Mohamed | Hamdan AlShamsi
Ibrahim Mohamed

LLB (Hons). Case Manager

Ranya Makki
Ranya Makki

Client Affairs Manager

Jesica Austria | Hamdan Alshamsi
Jesica Austria

Human Resources

Levin Chako
Levin Chako

Assistant Accountant

Mohd Ali
Mohd Ali

Court Clerk